A.I. is Making Healthcare Faster, Safer, and More Affordable

That’s Why the Sector is Projected to Grow 32% Annually Through 20301

Groundbreaking Healthcare A.I. Pushes Sector Growth

But it won’t be large-language-models (LLM) that usher in a new Golden Age of medical treatment. It will be specialized models that dominate this market — like AI Inc. (CSE:TRUE, OTC:TREIF)’s proprietary technology. It’s a leading diagnostic AI provider in general healthcare  —  potentially as great a leap forward as ChatGPT’s platform was for LLM. Yet today, AI Inc. has a market cap barely a fifth the size of its peers.

As more partnerships with groups like the Mayo Clinic (Family Medicine Department) and Minnesota Health (University of Minnesota Medical School) are announced, that’s likely to change2.


Symbol:  (CSE: TRUE)  (OTCQB: TREIF)  (FRA: A3EYD8)Company: Treatment AI.  (CSE: TRUE)
Company Website:

American health is in a state of neglect. It’s not just that our life expectancy has dropped for the first time ever, hitting lows not seen in nearly two decades.3 It’s not our obesity epidemic, with rates over 40% and climbing.4

It’s not just health insurance climbing in cost every year… while it seems to cover less and less. The biggest reason America’s healthcare system is running ragged is actual neglect. For years, Medicare and insurance only paid out at a rate that allowed doctors 15 minutes to spend with patients.5

The days of house calls and personalized medicine are past. And now with many doctors and nurses leaving the field… even as demand has grown… the situation has become untenable. Diagnostic decisions are now being relegated to nurses and pharmacists globally, who do not have the depth of medical knowledge as clinicians.6 Yet necessity is the mother of invention. And just as America’s healthcare system is starting to crack under its own weight.

A revolutionary new application of medical AI, through the proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM) has arrived to help solve many of American health’s most pressing problems.

This medical AI (GLM) can:

  • Diagnose >1,000 diseases and 10,000 symptoms at a >90%+ accuracy rate for the most likely diagnosis (better than ChatGPT’s 72% rate.7
  • Handle multiple inputs nearly instantaneously — like cross-checking medications against each other for adverse reactions.
  • Streamline most administrative tasks — from patient check-ins, automatically uploading information into the patient charts through to recommending tests and exams. Today, administrative waste constitutes up to 30% of the cost of healthcare in America.
  • Mitigate fraud — through audit trails, links to recommended billing and other red flags. Medical AI can prevent a large percent of the estimated $100 billion in healthcare fraud we all pay for each year.9
  • Through integrations with Electronic Medical Record (EMR systems), automatically share all notes, diagnostic images, orders, prescriptions, and other health data between patient and physicians. This also gives doctors a greater view into the patient as a whole — which will likely lead to better patient outcomes.

Treatment AI is quickly becoming the best assistant a doctor or nurse could ever ask for

Its talents already surpass humans in some areas. In fact, AI is better at diagnosing some cancers than a biopsy10 and is perpetually learning and improving. However, Treatment is further differentiating through not just relying on an LLM, they are utilizing a proprietary AI solution together with a human review by a global team of peer group of credentialled clinicians. Thus, delivering a curated and accurate AI solution, which is perpetually reviewed and updated.

It can help eliminate the paperwork and busy work that eats up so much time of our valuable medical professionals’ time, without compromising the quality of support for patients. And today, you can invest in this medical AI a pioneer in this field, AI Inc. (CSE: TRUE, OTC: TREIF). The company has created the proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM) model that powers its AI platform, and revolutionizes accurate diagnostic support for healthcare professionals. A sector that is expected to be worth $188 billion by 2030, up from $11 billion in 2021.11

How Treatment’s Medical AI Outclasses The Competition

1. Transparency

AI hallucinations — wrong information, made-up facts, or other bits of fallacious detritus — are a major problem for LLM AIs. Not so for TRUE’s GLM medical AI. Every step of the software’s process must be documented, and easily explainable to a user. Medical records are highly personal and private, and we should have absolute control over them, and know how they are being used. TRUE’s AI makes this possible. It can show you every step of its thinking when making a diagnosis, as well — along with giving you other possibilities, including recommending the most important next steps – lab tests; x-rays; and physician exams supporting the diagnosis.

2. Training

The true secret sauce of the Global Library of Medicine is that it was compiled by medical experts. was founded and is led by doctors. They are the ones who created the Library, and first seeded it with diagnostic tools and data. Today, the system has had over 10,000 reviews, is overseen by hundreds of physicians globally — all medical experts — and provides the most accurate clinical information of any medical AI out there.

Those diagnoses come from one of the world’s most intelligent personalized healthcare AI engines.

And that engine is driven by its creators — the doctors behind the screen.

Exceeding > 90% diagnostic accuracy, the GLM is more sophisticated than its competitors.

As an example, TRUE’s medical AI can take a sophisticated medical history using a patient’s natural language and use those answers to form a detailed differential of the most likely diagnosis.

TRUE utilizes several factors, including the patient’s location, age, occupation, gender, and past medical history — everything a good doctor would find out in a first exam, had they the time.

Examples include:

  • A patient with a fever in Juneau, Alaska is unlikely to have malaria or any other tropical disease.
  • During the COVID pandemic, local outbreaks were updated into TRUE’s AI (the GLM) in real time, to improve worldwide diagnostic accuracy.
  • A 70 year old male, smoker, with a chest pain will likely have a different diagnosis than an 18 year old female presenting with the same symptoms.

With TRUE’s AI on the job, they can make healthcare great again.
By freeing doctors up to dedicate more time to difficult cases,’s AI makes for a better healthcare experience for everyone. Through gaining an accurate early diagnosis, there is an opportunity for patients to mitigate unnecessary, time consuming and costly healthcare visits. While doctors have more time to deal with trickier situations requiring more attention.

The core of TRUE’s medical AI is quality, breadth and accuracy. The GLM library, with >1,000 potential diagnoses and >10,000 symptoms to watch for — is the best-in-class. Yet today, AI Inc. (CSE:TRUE, OTC:TRIEF) has a market cap around $20 million — about a fifth of its peer medical AI business Healwell AI Inc. Healwell is focused on prevention — catching diseases before they become more severe, by picking up on subtle early patterns.

That’s incredibly useful.
But TRUE’s AI could potentially be the first point of contact for every medical interaction, and a constant companion through the journey. That is obviously an even larger market opportunity. But it is only one of three uses TRUE’s AI is already fulfilling.

Helping Patients, Providers and Educators

With a LLM subprogram running the conversation, TRUE’s AI can get all the information it or any doctor could need from patients. A >90%+ diagnostic success rate means less unnecessary wasted time, visits and costs. Once a doctor signs off on the AI’s work, a prescription could automatically be filled.

That’s the patient’s journey.
Just as important is the provider’s journey. We’ve already mentioned the time-savings that’s AI can provide doctors. Both by correctly handling simple cases quickly and efficiently… And by reducing the paperwork and general administrative drudgery that sucks both time and money from the healthcare system. What we haven’t talked about yet are the educational opportunities that TRUE’s AI is already exploring.

Working with the medical school of the University of Minnesota… the nursing school and graduate programs at the Mayo Clinic, in addition to numerous medical departments… and in discussions with 52 other organizations, 27 of which are medical schools…

TRUE’s AI is proving one of the best training tools around.

Treatment is committed to providing the best tools and support to enable the next generation of healthcare professionals to excel in practical exams such as OSCE. Why? There are 1200 medical and nursing schools and more than 220,000 students in the US alone. Equally, Treatment recognizes a global shortage of trained healthcare professionals today.

Between its ability to accurately diagnose most problems on the first try… And it’s completely transparent work, allowing students to see the thought process… TRUE’s AI is an ideal interactive study tool and guide. Not only will this make for better-educated doctors and nurses going forward, but it will make for a workforce that is completely comfortable using AI as a medical tool.

That will create a more efficient, more accurate healthcare system. But it also will help pave the way for the growth of medical AI going forward. The healthcare professionals of tomorrow will be able to use and trust the same platform through their education and into their professional career.

Top 7 Reasons Why TRUE Should Be On Your Radar

  • Pioneering AI in Healthcare: Treatment.Com AI Inc. is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into healthcare. With innovative AI-driven health assessment tools, TRUE is redefining patient care, diagnostic accuracy, and data management, positioning itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving healthcare technology sector.
  • Market Growth Potential: The AI healthcare market is expected to experience substantial growth, with 32% annual growth through 2030 expected. TRUE's strategic positioning underscores its potential for significant financial growth and market expansion
  • Global Library of Medicine (GLM) Expansion: TRUE's GLM, now encompassing over 1,000 diseases and more than 10,000 symptoms and risk factors, demonstrates the company's commitment to providing comprehensive, AI-driven clinical decision support. This platform's expansion, curated by hundreds of physicians globally, highlights TRUE's capability to impact global healthcare.
  • Strategic Partnerships: is already working with the medical school of the University of Minnesota, the nursing school and graduate programs at the Mayo Clinic, in addition to numerous medical departments… and is in discussions with 52 other organizations. The market opportunity to support up to approximately 220,000 students in the US alone is significant.
  • Compliant with Federal Vision for AI: TRUE's alignment with the White House's Executive Order on responsible AI development underscores its commitment to ethical AI practices. By adhering to the "FAVES" principles, TRUE is at the vanguard of responsible AI use in healthcare, ensuring patient safety, privacy, and efficacy. This ethical approach not only aligns with regulatory expectations but also positions TRUE as a trustworthy and leading player in the healthcare technology space. The platform is also HIPAA compliant.
  • Commitment to Healthcare Transformation: TRUE's ongoing efforts to integrate AI into healthcare represent a significant step towards enhancing the health and well-being of individuals globally. With a focus on accessibility and effectiveness, TRUE is leading the way in transforming healthcare delivery for the better.
  • Strategic Leadership Appointments: The recent appointments of Dr. Essam Hamza as CEO and Mr. David Worner as CFO, along with Dr. Kevin Peterson as Chairman and CMO, bring a wealth of healthcare, technology, and financial expertise to the company. This leadership team is well-equipped to drive TRUE through its next growth phase, leveraging extensive experience in healthcare technology and capital markets.

Treatment AI is an emerging player with compelling investment highlights in the A.I. Healthcare Industry AI Inc. (CSE: TRUE, OTC: TREIF)
offers investors a chance to participate in both the healthcare sector — a sector that makes up 11% of our GDP — and the medical AI space, one of the fastest-growing fields around. Speak with your trusted investment advisor to see if a potential high-growth medical AI company like TRUE makes sense for your portfolio.

Symbol:  (CSE: TRUE)  (OTCQB: TREIF)  (FRA: A3EYD8)Company: Treatment AI.  (CSE: TRUE)
Company Website:

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[2] Corporate presentation, p. 15










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